The Jockey Club Real Estate

North Port is a great Florida city that is part of the southern Sarasota County. It is made up of many great communities which includes the deed restricted Jockey Club community. For those that are looking to break away from the hub of activity in North Port, this community makes the ideal location.

It is perfect for those that are looking for a second home that they can use for vacationing or even use during the winter months. This is a deed restricted community and the Jockey club offers tranquility and relaxation. When one is ready for a little activity within the community they have the choice of playing a few games of tennis on the well kept tennis courts, or perhaps something a little less strenuous like shuffleboard. For some great exercise residents here can make use of the swimming pool. This is an ideal community for those that enjoy some great socializing or for those who prefer some alone time just enjoying the great outdoors.

Some individuals refer to this community as being quaint or having a touch of whimsy. It is an older established community and this is one of the assets that makes it so inviting. Housing is reasonably priced here which gives an opportunity to those that are looking for a second home reasonable pricing choices.

Another great a bonus of the deed restricted Jockey Club community is that homeowners take great pride in their residences and keep them up. Now is a good time to check out what is available in this deed restricted Jockey Club community.

Patty Estill
Patty Estill